Nanma JLG Updated On 2018-01-20

District : Kozhikode

CDS : Onchiyam

JLG : Nanma

Crops : Vegetables

Nanma JLG started in the year of 2017 in onchiyam panchayath. The five members of this Group Rajila is the president and Indira is secretary. In the beginning they started vegitable farming in 25 cents of the land. This group practicing organic farming and getting better result of this type of farming. The organic farming products is better of our health they are starting nearly a months ago. Our members very actively participated in the group farming .the organic farming is better to our health and environment and our groups are practice is the main part of farming how we protect corrective manner is important. so our group in right direction, they are protecting our land through Organic farming.our farmers get more support from our society especially their families. Each of our members have kitchen farming their homes that not widely but Kudumbashree did our members under one group and farming widely. Our farmers enjoying the collective farming they are only consider a refreshment moments of this collective activities. Their products marketed through Kudumbashree chanthas and near local shops and get more income for their family needs. Local shops are the main market so the demand of organic products in very high in the recent times .this will help to our farmers

Karthika JLG Updated On 2018-01-19

District : Kozhikode

CDS : Onchiyam

JLG : Karthika

Crops : Vegetables, banana

Karthika joint liability group is one of the best group in Onchiyam gramapanchayath. The main reason of their success is their hardworking. Five members are there in this group, Chandrika is working as the president of the group and Anitha is secretary. They started in 2015 and they have many ideas about agriculture because of their experience. They mainly cultivate vegetables and banana. They are using organic fertilizers. Our farmers get good result in this type of collective farming. Kudumbashree and panchayath is giving whole hearted support to these farmers. This support encourages them and this is visible the output. The market of our product is Kudumbashree markets and local shops. The group get more income from this collective farming. Kudumbashree mission is helping through providing loans, interest subsidy, area incentives etc. Capacity building programmes of Kudumbashree helps the farmers to know more theoritical knowledge and also practical Experience.

Praja JLG Updated On 2018-01-18

District : Kozhikode

CDS : Azhiyoor

JLG : Praja

Crops : Vegetables, paddy, banana

Area under cultivation: 1 Acres

Praja is a registered JLG unit in Azhiyoor gramapanchayath in Vadakara block in Kozhikode. This JLG group is in the 16th ward of Azhiyoor gramapanchayath. The JLG group started in 2012 and its working very well. There are four members in the group, Preethika is the president of this group and Jisha is secretary. Initially they started vegetable farming and they got good return from it. Apart from vegetable farming they also cultivate banana and paddy. They are using only organic fertilizers and organic pesticides. The product is very tasty and good for health. The vegetables and banana are marketed in various centres such as Kudumbashree weekly markets and local markets. More local peoples contact them for buying good organic products. Their income from agriculture is the great support for family needs. The Grama panchayath and Kudumbashree mission are inspiring and helping them as well. All these members used to participate in various training programs of Kudumbashree which helps them to acquire various technologies in agriculture.

Greeshmam JLG Updated On 2018-01-17

District : Kozhikode

Block : Koduvally

CDS : Puthupady

JLG : Greeshmam

Area of cultivation : 9.5 acre

Major crops: Paddy,Banana,Vegetables,Tubers including Ginger and Turmeric.

With the aim of women empowerment and food security Greeshmam JLG started the journey since 2010. Here is the success story of 4 members, who worked in the mind of v magic to achieve their success. They proved their exhibited efficiency in all areas of agriculture.

Puthupady Grama Panchayath is well known for banana farming. The members of this group joined Kudumbashree in 2005 and formed Greeshmam JLG and registered in Puthupady CDS in 2010. This unit worked with the mind of v magic in group which exhibited efficiency in all areas of agriculture.

Shiji Varghese(sec), Sheeba Shaji (pres), Puspha viswan, Ajitha started their farming in fallow land surrounding their home area in lease. With the help of MNERGS, they prepare the land for cultivation. Due to the continues guidance and support of block coordinator & district mission they overcome with all the problems they faced for farming.

Bhavana JLG Updated On 2018-01-16

District : Kozhikode

Block : Koduvally

CDS : Thiruvambady

JLG : Bhavana

No. of Members : 5

Area under cultivation: 4 acre

Major crops : Banana,Tapioca,Tubers

Bhavana jlg is one of the best groups in Thiruvambady grama Panchayath of Koduvally block in Kozhikode district. The passion for agriculture is the main factor of their achievement. This group joined Kudumbashree in 2001 and formed jlg group in 2010 & registered under Thiruvambady CDS.

The five members include Shoshamma(pres), Manju( sec), Devaki, Lakshmi, Rosamma gathered their hand to hand and started their journey in field of farming. The Panchayath, Kozhikode district mission, their families, and the people of the village helped & supported the group to reach their goal.

The main crops they are cultivating is Banana in 2.5acre,Tapioca in 50cent, and tuber crops in 1acre.They accquired their capital fund through agricultural loan of 3 lakhs from Canara bank of Mukkam branch under subsidy & incentives. This unit is aware of the greatest mental & physical enjoyment attained through farming. This group achieve their name in the block letters among the other groups in Thiruvambady Gramapanchayath

Vijayasree JLG Updated On 2018-01-15

District - Kozhikode

Block - Kunnummal

JLG Name - Vijayasree

Affiliation No - G110304/4/4

Woman is a key for a success of any human being. This phrase is an everlasting principle of the Universe. Several studies revealed that, when the women are involved, supported and empowered in the society, then entire society will flourish and the communities become more resilient. Here is the story of 4 member women group named 'Vijayasree' Jlg group .Their successful journey in the field of agriculture of the great13 th year. This group is belongs to Kavilumpara CDS. .Secretery of the group is Geetha Rajan and president is Eliamma Joseph. Rajila Manoj and Holy Baby are the two other members.

They started their work by borrowing land for rent, which is now about 7acres of area. Now they have been getting incentives through the help of block co ordinator and also got 3 lakh of rupee through bank as Loan.

They have been getting seedling through Agrocentre and marketing is done in local markets. The member of Vijayasree jlg group, Eliyamma Joseph got best farmer award in the Gender Fest conducted in the last year. In addition to cultivation, Vijayasree group is also doing goat farming, poultry farming, pisiculture etc. The role of this group reveals that women have a bright future in the field of Agriculture as it is the evergreen profession and involved much scope for future.

Amrutha JLG Updated On 2018-01-14

District : Wayanad

CDS : Kaniyambetta

JLG : Amrutha

Crop : Rice, Banana, EF Yam , Ginger and Vegetables

Members: Sunitha, Shantha, Prassanna and Sreeja

Year of formation : 2010

Area under cultivation : 15.5 acre

They are mainly engaged in cultivation of rice and vegetables. Their group was elected as the best JLG in 18 th ward of Kaniyambetta Grama Panchayath. Every year markets and fairs are conducted in Kudumbashree CDS at the panchayath level during Onam and other festival days. They are participating those fairs and sell their products and earn income by means of that. They also receive monetary help from district mission. By all this activities and through the help from government they are able to earn income for their home. It also helps them to earn a respectable position in their family and society.

Deshasevini JLG Updated On 2018-01-13

District : Pathanamthitta

Block : Pulikkezhu

CDS : Nedumbram

JLG :Deshasevini

Area of cultivation : 3 Ac

Crop : peas, spinach, cucumber, watermelon, bitterguard

Members : Sathi, Vinatha, Maya, Nirmala

Deshasevini is the group farming in Pulikeezhu block in Nedumparam Panchayat. They are the members of Deshasevini NHG and they joined as NHG members in the year 2000.

At first they started cultivation in their own land and then they can earned much more profit than they expected. With this inspiration they were planning to get 2 acres more of land as lease and used it for cultivating vegetables. It helps them to ensure food safety.

The Deshasevini group got inspired by the classes conducted by MKSP. They are using organic pesticides instead of chemical fertilizers. They are cultivating peas, spinach, cucumber, watermelon, bitterguard etc.

They took a loan of 1 Lakhs and they got Rs 10500 as incentive from district mission. In this group cultivation last year, they got Rs.4,50,000 /- from the yields. Each members of this JLG group is very happy now. They never expected that they could earn such a profit from this.

Harithasree JLG Group Updated On 2018-01-12

District : Pathanamthitta

Block : Ranni

CDS : Naranammoozhy

JLG : Harithasree

Area of cultivation : 2.5 Ac

Crop : Vegetables

Members : Susy, Mionik, Bindhu, Mini and Ambili

Harithasree group farming was started on the basis of poisonless vegetables for us and society. They are cultivating in 2.5 acres of land took on lease. They are of four members in the 14th ward of Naranamoozhy Panchayat at Ranni Block.

This group started in the year 2013. Smt Susy James is the president of this group as well as holds the position of CDS member and master farmer trainer.

Traditionally it is a mountaneous region depends upon agriculture for their livelihood . Pathanamthitta District Mission has provided growbags on the basis of growbag project. They are cultivating peas, bitterguard, plantain, tubers etc. They used to attend in training programs conducted by MKSP.

They are using complete organic way of cultivating vegetables. Hence there was a great demand for such organic vegetables in the market, which was easy for them to sell those yields at a very good profit. They earns ten thousand rupees in every month.

Harithasree JLG Group Updated On 2018-01-11

District : Pathanamthitta

Block : Pulikkezhu

CDS : Nedumbram

JLG : Harithasree

Area of cultivation : 14.5 Ac

Crop : Rice, Banana

Members : 4

Harithasree is the JLG Group in the 1st ward of Nedumpram Panchayat. There are four members in the group. They started paddy cultivation in 1.5 acres of land owned by one of the member.

Now they are doing paddy cultivation in 14 acres of land as lease and cultivating plantain in 50 cents of land. The major threat they are facing is the water in farming land during rainy season since it is an upper Kuttanad area.

Eventhough they had to face a lot of problems in cultivation season , their strong desire and hard work helps to get a good result in yielding good crops.

Now they are giving rice to Supplyco. Last time they sold paddy for 21.50 Rs. per Kilogram. In this group cultivation last year, they got Rs.4,51,500 /- from the yields and got a profit of Rs 2,01,500/- for four members.

And this year they decided to produce value added products . They took a loan of 2Lakhs from union bank and got Rs 36000 as incentive.