Nanma JLG Updated On 2018-01-30

District: Kozhikode

Block: Balussery

Panchayath: Panangad

JLG Name: Nanma

Here is a successful story of women empowerment. These members are motivated beings and they are strengthening their cultivation and got support from Kudumbashree district mission and other respected persons. They registered their groups since 2009.The group name they selected as “Nanma”. All the members in this group were deeply interested in farming. They started their cultivation from 2009 onwards. All the assistance and money got from Kudumbashree it was a big support and motivation for them to cultivate various crops.

At the beginning they only started rice and it became success. So they decided to expand their cultivation .Now they have wide range of cultivation like banana, vegetables and tuber crops along with rice. All the members worked hard and this willpower leads them to achieve success. They are very advanced and expanded their farming in each year. They have got loan up to 3 lakh for assistance in farming from Kudumbashree district mission. During 2015-16 they cultivated a chilli variety “Ujwala” in 10 cents with the direction of agricultural officer it was a big success. Besides that their group secretary has got award for best farmer in 2016 from panchayath level. Now they have rice in 8 acre, vegetable in 1.50 acre, Green gram in 1.50 acre and 500 nendran. They sale their green gram & vegetables in ecoshops krishibhavan. They sold their banana in their locality. This year they got big profit from rice about 1.50 lakh, The only expenditure they had in rice about 80,000.Besides that they had 6000/- profit from banana and green gram.

Archana Haritha JLG Updated On 2018-01-29

District: Kozhikode

Block: Balussery

Panchayath: Koorachund

Name of JLG: Archana Haritha

With the intension of women empowerment program they formed a JLG Group IN 30/ 8/2010 named Archana Haritha. At first they started with vegetable cultivation, and then they cultivated 30 cents of bitter gourd, 50cents of cucurbit, cowpea in 25cents, bhindi in 25cents and snake gourd in 25cents. After harvest, they used to take it for their own household purpose and the remaining they used to give neighbourhood peoples and also in Onam market at Koorachund. They got a huge profit from this cultivation.

In 2012 December onwards they started vegetable and banana cultivation. Besides that they got all the money support from Kudumbashree district mission, without any lack of interest, they started and expanded their area of cultivation to 3-4 acres. From 2012 onwards they continued cultivation with the same group members collectively. They have cultivated many of the hybrid varieties of vegetables and its harvest was beyond their expectations. This farming changed their life conditions and they are able to save lot of money from farming. They have faced a lot of problems in their fields like diseases and different pests of crops. They applied organic insecticides, pseudomonas, trichoderma, neem based biopesticides etc. So it controlled all their problems up to maximum, They became very happy and got motivation from various training of agriculture. up to raw they have got all the technical support from Kudumbashree district mission. Now in this year they cultivated rice in 1.50 acres, and vegetable 1.50acres and also cultivating banana and tapioca in 2 acres.

Haritha JLG Updated On 2018-01-28

District: Kozhikode

Block: Perambra

CDs: KoothaIi

Women’s empowerment is the main motive of each government sector in India. Accordingly through Kudumbashree programme, we can empower women for the development of society. In the year 2011 they take initiative in this Kudumbashree programme and formed new JLG. Now JLG Haritha become one of the top performed JLG.

Since 2011 this team cultivating paddy regularly in main seasons. Ranjini is the president and Bindu is the secretary of the group and both of them are leading the group. Other group members are Rangini Thankamani and Radha. We can see their involvements in all their activities .At present 5acres of paddy and 25cents of vegetables are being cultivated. They also showed strength in the organic farming program implemented by Kudumbashree mission and district panchayath.. They are getting Incentive and interest subsidy from the Kudumbashree. In the previous years, they cultivated vegetables, tuber crops etc also. They were unable to cultivate tapioca this year due to the lack of space available and now they are trying to extend cultivation to more area. They used sell their products in Kudumbashree markets and other local markets

Arya JLG Updated On 2018-01-27

District: Thrissur

CDS : Varavoor

JLG : Arya

Year of Formation : 6-7-2017

Area Under Cultivation : 13acre 75 Cent

Crop(S) : Paddy, Vegetable, Tapioca, Nendran

Members : 4

Uid Number : Vvr/Xi/6/Arya

The four members of “Kudumbashree”unit of ward no-11,Varavoor punchayath namely Shylaja,Anitha,Lakshmikutty and Sobhana have started as agro group as 6-7-2007.They started this vegetable cultivation in a total area of 50 cents initially which was taken on lease. They cultivated plantain and vegetable crops in the available land. Anitha told that agriculture was not only helping them to gain money but also mental satisfaction. Husband of both Anitha and Shylaja were irresposibile in family matter as they were Chronic alcoholics. Hence Agricultural operations helped them to gain their livelihood. Anitha has got award for “Best paddy cultivator”. She is doing paddy cultivation as area of 12.5 acres of land and Tapioca in 1acre of land taken as lease. The profit from these operation,she made her children educated and owned land also.

Shylaja has also same experience from farming .She has made her three daughters educated. Sobhana finds farming and allied activities to forget painful memories of her late son. Lakshmikutty is living alone after her daughter’s marriage. Last year they got 4 lakh rupees, also they got Rs.46080/- as incentive from Kudumbashree and they got assistance of Rs.15000/-from krishibhavan. They sell their vegetable products in Kudumbashree market. They all unanimously say that “we are very happy with what we get from Agriculture.

Income / Awards

  • Annual income -50000/one member
  • Best paddy cultivator award 2015-16
  • Best JLG award 2016-17
Thanal JLG Updated On 2018-01-26

District : Kozhikode

CDS : Eramala

JLG : Thanal

Crops : Vegetables, Banana

Team Thanal has established their group in 2011. Five members are there in the group and Usha is working as president and vanaja is secretary. They are started farming in 75 cents. In the75 cents, they are cultivating vegetables in 50 cents and banana in 25 cents. All the members of this group is very hardworking, each and every member has good farming backround with experience. All our members used to participate in the various Kudumbashree training programs to get new knowledge and experience. All these members are actively participate in farming activities. They are saying that the feeling of group activities helps them both physically and mentally. The group members market their products in the local markets.

Harithasree JLG Updated On 2018-01-25

District: Kollam

Block: Ochira

Panchayath: Thodiyoor

Name of JLG: Harithasree

Area under cultivation: 2 acre

Major crops: Banana, vegetables, paddy, Sesame.

Harithasree JLG, a farming group belongs to Thodiyoor gram panchayat in Kollam district formed in 14/01/2011. Group initiated their work in 50 cent of lease land with vegetables. They got profit in their in their work . They sold their product immediately after harvest from the field because of the high demand for vegetables that produced by organic farming. After taking loan from bank they took more land of 2 acre and planted Banana, Paddy, sesame and vegetables. They used cow dung, vermi compost, Bone meal, Neemcake, fish amino acid etc in their field to get more productivity and as method of efficient management of soil. The group got training from agriculture department for the production of Vermi compost , fish amino acid and other organic products. The group then constructed vermicomposting pit.They will get more income for organic products other than agri products. Along with they set up fish farm. So from all they will get nearly 1,30,000/- rs as profit in one year . The group has created awareness among the farming community about the importance of organic crop production. Group give inspiration to the fellow farmers to turn their path to eco-friendly method of farming.

Mathruka JLG Updated On 2018-01-24

District : Kollam

Block : Kottarakara

Panchayat : Veliyam

Crop Cultivating : Vegetables and Banana

JLG formed : Mathruka JLG

Number of members : 4

Area of cultivation : 2.5 acres

Vimala is one of the member in Mathruka JLG joined in kudumbasree in 1998. After 14 years in Kudumbashree in 2013 she formed a JLG group with 5 members from her NHG and named the group as Mathruka JLG. After registration in CDS they took loan for 2 lakh from bank. Group initially worked on 2.5 acres of land. Vegetables and Banana are the main crops they are cultivating in their land. They got more income than they excepted from their land . Along with group farming they are rearing cow and goat for extra income.The manure from animals provides a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility and crop yields .

Awards: Got best farmer award for Vimala from Veliyam Krishibhavan and group got Best JLG award from Kudumbashree

Kalavara JLG Updated On 2018-01-23

District : Kollam

Block : Ochira

Panchayat :Kulashekarapuram

Crop Cultivating : Dry land Paddy, Vegetables , Tuber crops and Banana .

JLG formed :Kalavara JLG

Number of members : 4

Area of cultivation : 3.5 acres

Success From Hardwork

Success is the result of Perfection, Preserverence and hard work. It is a real thought which can be proved by with an example that is “KALAVARA JLG”. It is a group offive women farmerswho maintaining a successful life by hard work in their field. The group started their farming in 125 cent land with dry land rice. They took barren land and made it suitable for cultivation by working in field whole day without considering hot weather. . They took hardwork as their capital in field. The hardworking managed to get government funds to dig the pond by their own and install a pump set for irrigation purpose in the field . From the paddy field they get a maximum production of nearly 550 kilo of paddy. The group member shared the product. By coordinating Kudumbasree and Krishibhavan they celebrated harvesting festival . A part from paddy in 3 acres of land they are having Tapioca, Yam , Colacasia, Ginger and different Varieties of Banana. From this they got 75000 rupees of profit. They people from other place to visits this group to get idea about different farming practice.

Awards: For paddy cultivation alone the group got cash prize of Rs25000/- from government and also go award for group farming.

Minoos JLG Updated On 2018-01-22

District : Kollam

Block : Chittumala

Panchayat : Perinad

Crop Cultivating : Vegetables and Banana.

JLG formed : Minoos JLG

Number of members : 4

Area of cultivation : 225 cent

Beena, a Jlg member from Perinad panchayat in chittumala block , Beena set herself as a role model for other farmers in her society. Beena formed a JLG group named “Minoos” in the year 2015 by joining four members. She met an Agriculture officer from Cherumood Krishibhavan. She took Beena and group members to Kudapanakunnu for showing a demo for pipe composting. She informed her wish to officer to learn about agricultural machineries, the officer recommend Beena to register her name in block to attend 3 day training programme . Beena got licence in using Tractor, Tiller, Brush cutter and Sowing machine, she initiated her farming work in 50 cent land with vegetable farming by ploughing the land with the help of tractor taken for rent. She could able to plough the land in 1.5 hour with the help of Jlg members. Group has also installed a Pipe compost from farm waste in their own home, The compost provide nutrition to their crops. Their hard work brought a good result in their field with in two months. They got inspired in their success and took 50 cent for lease and starts experiments for cool season vegetables. From krishi bhavan they got training in Trichoderma production, From training Beena got Mother culture of Trichoderma for mass production, she formed a unit and produce a small scale as experiment by using 90 kg cowdung and 10 kg neem cake as base. A part of their production the group used in their field and balance she kept for sales with 25 rupee for each kg .. She feel proud in helping others also. Beena as selected as convenor in Farmers facilitation centre, She visited all JLG members in perinad panchayat and she could able to transfer her knowledge in farm practices to other farmers, this made inspiration to other members in her society to come forward to do agriculture. Apart from this she helped other farmers in ploughing their land and bush cutting and also have an idea to lend her tools and machineries at marginal rate. Beena ensured that her family has enough to eat whole around the year.

Oruma JLG Updated On 2018-01-21

District : Kozhikode

CDS : Eramala

JLG : Oruma

Crops : Topioca, banana, vegetables

Oruma JLG group formed at eramala panchayath in 10th ward.this group is one of the best groups in Eramala gramapanchayath.5 members of this group pushpa is the president Of the group and Indira is secretary. They are started in 6 years ago. In the one acre cultivation60 cent vegitables and 40 cent banana .they are only using organic fertilizers and organic pesticides Our group members are truly hard working and well experienced. The members using their own Experiencing ideas to the field and get better result to our farming. The group members are very interested in the collective farming. Our land area is some dry areas but our members hardwork And commitment helpful to a better result. Kudumbashree agricultural classes and other practicing trainings helping and encouraging our Members. MKSP block coordinators helping their technical supports, getting loans ,incentives etc. The main market of our products are local shops and chanthas. Local peoples are more Interested in the organic products and getting more income from it these are the very happy things of our farmers.