Ribbon Exercise(PAE) Updated On 2017-07-16 05:45:33
Participatory Assessment of Entitlements (PAE) is a SHG level tool that helps in generation of awareness on various entitlements(Government schemes) and local self-governance. The community cadre of the SHG network facilitates this exercise in the Gram Panchayats. The SHG members respond to each of the questions by tying ribbons of different colours around their wrist as a mark of having access to a particular entitlement. The use of ribbons makes the process more vibrant and interactive. Using PAE, the community understands the gap in entitlement access in each of the member’s families and the database that is created serves as the baseline for measuring success in achieving entitlements by the community. After the completion of the exercise in all the SHGs, the data is consolidated and the Village Organization (second tier of federation) sets achievable targets for achieving the gap in access to entitlements. Subsequently, joint consultative meetings between VOs and Gram Panchayatsare conducted for sharing these plans and working together. The entire exercise helps in generating a collective energy and positive environment for the Panchayat and SHGs to work together.
Gender Resource Center Updated On 2017-07-24 17:53:48
It is a space established in collaboration with Local Self Government to coordinate the activities for gender development and women empowerment under local government. Local Self Governments will provide infrastructure facilities and Kudumbashree will coordinate the activities and manage the running of Centre. Kudumbashree Gender resource persons and community counselors will be managed the center and facilitate the programmes. This year Kudumbashree aims to start 5 centers in a district. It aim to • Capacitate women in different levels • Analyze the status of women and design projects • To prevent and address the atrocities against women and children in the area • Support to Jagratha Samithi and other bodies to address the issues of women & children • Organize gender sensitization training to the elected representatives and other community leaders • Counseling support to the needy • Impart knowledge and resources for the community development programmes • Small studies and researches based on gender development and promote internships. • Convergent programmes of different departments