Gender Self Learning Programme Updated On 2018-02-15

It is an innovative educational programme developed by Kudumbashree in 2007. This programme believes in learning from the everyday experiences of women. They have vast experiences of struggle, exploitation, discrimination etc. the basic aim of the programme is to analyse these experiences and help the women to overcome the challenges with their own initiatives. It tries to understand the strength and limitations of each person in the learning process. Locally contextualized modules were developed by a state level team which has been used to conduct conducted a discussion based workshops in NHGs. The modules were simple and informative to encourage discussions in the NHG. When the modules were developed, it is consolidated and disseminated by the resource persons in the NHG’s. The modules included conversations, articles, poetry and creative performances for easy learning.

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Community Counseling Updated On 2018-02-15

A group of 320 women from Kudumbashree network has been selected in 2015 as community counselors. The community counselors are selected on the basis of their education qualification and experience in community level activities. Training has been conducted based on a module developed by the counseling experts. Kudumbashree conducted a counseling day in all CDS with the support of LSGIs. Community counselors are giving group counseling individual counseling and awareness classes. Community counseling and support services aims to give premarital counseling, counseling support to women children adolescents and old age persons. Now the network has 357 counselors in the state. Community counselors are also giving support for Gender Resource Centre and Block Level Counseling Centre activities.

Gender Resource centre Updated On 2018-02-15

Gender resource centers aims at holistic empowerment activities in grassroots level. Kudumbashree has started Gender Resource Centers with the help of LSGI’s. Gender Resource persons and Community counselors are responsible for organizing and coordinating the activities of the center. Gender Resource Centre focuses on various activities such as skill development programmes, educational activities, research, recreational activities, project planning and implementation in grassroots level. It also acts as a support system for survivors of violence and exploitations. Counseling facilities are available in the centers on specific days. The major objective of the programme is to increase women participation in local development and governance. Total 124 centers are inaugurated across Kerala.

Vulnerability Mapping Updated On 2018-02-15

Kudumbashree developed a tool as vulnerability mapping to identify the issues/demands through the collective action of the community. Through the process we are trying to capacitate them to identify the situation and possibilities to prevent them. Vulnerability depends on the geographical, social, economical and physical situation and capacity of an individual or the group. Community resource Persons can be support them to realize or understand the vulnerability through different methodologies. It also aims the Participatory preparation of Social protection plan at the NHG area. It may be Focus Group Discussions, Individual Interviews, Home visits, Case Studies, experience sharing. Vulnerability mapping conducted in all 168 LSGI’s. 28 CDS as a pilot in 2016-2017 annual action plan. In 2017-18 it is expanded in next140 CDS too.

Geriatric Care Updated On 2018-02-15

Kerala's total population as per the 2011 census is around 3.36 crore, of which 12.6 per cent are aged above 60 years. According to the present study, the state's elderly population is growing at a perpetual rate of 2.3 per cent. The growth rate is high among the elderly aged 70 or 80 and above.

With a good track record of social development indicators, especially in health and education sectors, Kerala is all set to witness a demographic transition with a rise in the proportion of aged in the total population along with declining growth rate of the population. The proportion of aged in the total population is rising and based on the projected data, it is expected to increase further, a survey on ageing scenario in Kerala conducted by the 'Centre for Development Studies' has pointed out. "If this trend continues uninterrupted, it is expected to cross over the proportion of young and old in between 2021 and 2031.

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Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Technology For Construction Updated On 2018-02-15

Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) Panel known as Rapid wall is a building panel made-up of calcined gypsum plaster, reinforced with glass fibres.  Experimental studies and research have shown that GFRG Panels, suitably filled with reinforced concrete, possess substantial strength to act not only as load bearing elements, but also as shear wall, capable of resisting lateral loads due to earthquake and wind. It is possible to design such buildings upto 10 storeys in low seismic zone. 

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Kudumbashree Accounts & Audit Service Society Updated On 2018-02-15

It is very essential for Kudumbashree system to make all the financial transactions efficient and transparent. KAASS is the accredited agency of Kudumbashree auditing. All the 14 districts has a KAASS team. The strength of KAASS team varies in each district depending upon the number of NHGs, and CDSs. Total strength of KAASS members in state is 328. The KAASS unit members are selected through a detailed interview process, most of them are graduates or post graduates in commerce and all belongs to poor families. They were selected by District Mission based on their interest and capacity for doing auditing effectively. KAASS audited the accounts of NHGs, ADSs, CDSs and Micro Enterprises. They are not only doing audit but also facilitating management of accounts in each tier of system. They point out the defects of the account keeping and make the NHGs aware of the issues. The KAASS groups also train them on account keeping. Kudumbashree had already given training to KAASS about the auditing practices, the various schemes of Kudumbashree, cash flow/ fund flow of NHG, ADS and CDS and method of doing Kudumbashree auditing.

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Incubation center Updated On 2018-02-15

Incubation center is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development.

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Home shops of Kudumbashree Updated On 2018-02-15

Exploring marketing avenues for the products of Kudumbashree enterprises has led to the evolution of different approaches and models. Over the years, the Kudumbashree brand has gained significant acceptance across Kerala. However, only very limited number of products are sold through established channels. Direct to home sales, markets organised in connection with events, and fairs conducted during festival seasons are the main avenues for sale of Kudumbashree products. Home shop is a model emerged out of theses explorations for establishing marketing channels for Kudumbashree products.

Home shop is a community marketing network of members of Kudumbashree families. Community marketing is a strategy that involves forming an engaging brand presence in order to interact with a community of existing customers. By engaging with the customers, this marketing strategy creates a brand presence as well as makes a demand for the products.

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Nano Marketing Updated On 2018-02-15

Marketing intervention supported by Kudumbashree mission always focused on providing appropriate avenues for the entrepreneurs in and out of their locality. By providing these avenues, the intervention strategy tends to solve the ‘PLACE’ aspect of marketing for the products developed by Kudumbashree women. This intervention largely sought the idea of bringing in steady revenue for the entrepreneurs, introducing the products to customers even outside local markets and creating steady local demand for the local produce. As the scope and scale of Kudumbashree enterprises grew, the conventional market avenues supported by the mission often failed to contain the entrepreneurial and scaling up needs of the entrepreneurs and to cater the continuous demand from the customers, as they were required to wait for next market to be organised nearby.

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