Kudumbashree receives Government Order entrusting Kudumbashree Construction & ARISE teams for public works without any tender Updated On 2020-06-06

Kudumbashree has received Government Order entrusting Kudumbashree Construction teams & ARISE Multi task teams for taking up small public works without tender. The Finance Department issued an order enabling the departments to hire services of Kudumbashree construction groups and ARISE multi task teams for small works costing upto Rs 2 lakhs. The order will be valid for the activities which would come under the Public Works Department, Irrigation Department, Local Self Government and Kerala Water Authority. As per the government order, Kudumbashree groups can be entrusted for the services such as filling of potholes in roads, cleaning of choked drains, cutting and moving the branches of the trees on the road sides, small repairs of culverts, and the cleaning and maintenance of public buildings in pre-monsoon period. In addition, it is also mentioned in the order that, the Annual Maintenance Contract of water supply, sanitary and electrical works of repetitive nature can be entrusted with such specialised construction/ ARISE groups registered under Kudumbashree.

It was noticed that due to lack of timely maintenance or repair works to the public structures including roads and buildings causes subsequent incurring of heavy expenditure due to the delay. On identifying this issue, the Government decided to entrust the registered Kudumbashree construction, multi task teams for resolving the same. The decision was made on the suggestion put forward by Kudumbashree through the Local Self Government Department. As of now there are 288 construction groups functioning under Kudumbashree, which has 2376 women as members. 216 multi task teams comprising 734 members who had got specialized training in electrical works, electronics repairing and plumbing sectors are functioning after registering under Kudumbashree. They have got an opportunity to receive a regular, permanent income through this Government order.

Order worth Rs 56.22 lakhs from Kerala Medical Services Corporation for Kudumbashree's face shield Updated On 2020-06-01

Kudumbashree has received yet another work order for making face shield. The order is received from Kerala Medical Services Corporation under Health Department of Kerala for making 2,81,128 face shields at the rate of Rs 20 per shield. Kudumbashree had received work order of Rs.56.22 lakhs towards this. Kudumbashree had already received from Sreechithra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences for 1500 face shields. 

The entrepreneurs from Thiruvananthapuram district are assembling this product now. The face shields are produced through the Akshayam Enterprise unit functioning in Karakulam Panchayath of Thiruvananthapuram district. There are 10 members in this unit. When they started getting more orders, training was extended to 15 more women and now the face shields are produced by a team of 25 people. 4000 face shields are produced through these units every day. A total of 15,000 face shields had already been produced through this unit. It is planned to produce the face shields as per the above order from this unit itself. If needed, the units in other districts would also be equipped for face shield production.

COVID-19 state level countering activities by Kudumbashree - 9 Updated On 2020-05-30

Kudumbashree, The state poverty eradication mission of Kerala have been implementing numerous projects as part of  COVID -19 countering activities. Other than this, each of the district teams planning and executing several programmes based on local needs also.

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Kudumbashree made IEC kits for expats Updated On 2020-05-29

Kudumbashree-made IEC kits, 3,000 in number, were presented to the expats landed in Kochi International Airport in Nedumbassery.

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The sweet scenting apiculture Updated On 2020-05-29

Kuttampuzha Gramapanchayat, mainly populated with people in Scheduled Tribe has women making the best out of bee farming. The apiculturists had their first harvest during lockdown days.

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Plant nurseries under Kudumbashree produce 10 lakh vegetable saplings Updated On 2020-05-29

Kudumbashree extends support to Subhiksha Keralam, a government initiative aiming self-sustainability in food safety and production. The project received a wonderful start with the planting of 10 lakh vegetable saplings in Kanjikkuzhy grama panchayat in Alappuzha by Kudumbashree as part of the Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana(MKSP) project. Veggies produced that way was disbursed among 8,600 families and 320 group farming initiatives under Kudumbashree in the panchayat. Larger aim is to enable families grow produce on their own to meet day-to-day needs.

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Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission organised 'I know SVEP' to make the corona period informative Updated On 2020-05-27

As the people are staying indoors in the background of corona virus spread, Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission stood out by organising 'I know SVEP' to make the corona period informative. The 'I know SVEP' campain was organised at Kodakara Block of Thrissur district under the leadership of  Startup Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP). The campaign aimed at motivating the 
entrepreneurs as the lock down is ongoing and the activities are paused and make the entrepreneurs realise the need of an enterprise in such a situation. The campaign also aimed to know how Kudumbashree and SVEP function among common people.

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COVID-19 state level countering activities by Kudumbashree - 8 Updated On 2020-05-23

Kudumbahsree is doing several activities in support of state and central governments to fight aginst the spread of Corona virus. NHG members, employees as well as all the people related to this mission are part of these activities.

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Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission arranges food for the NRIs and NRKs who are in institutional quarantine after returning to their homelands Updated On 2020-05-22

Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission  is setting a new model by arranging food for the NRIs and NRKs who are in institutional quarantine after returning to their homelands. The Kudumbashree units in the district are arranging tasty food for them. It is as per the directions of the Thrissur District Administration and the convergences with the Local Self Government Institutions, that the food is being served to the Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Non Resident Keralites (NRKs) who are in institutional quarantine. Food is also served to the health workers, representatives of the Local Self Government Department, volunteers and police officials through the Kudumbashree units in Thrissur district.

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Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission initiates 'Avale Ariyam', lock down special online research programme Updated On 2020-05-21

Keeping all the protocols of social distancing, Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission is formulating and implementing 'Avale Ariyaam', online research programme during covid-19 lock down.Through this online research programme, Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission aims at identifying the factors that pose a barrier to the development of women, analyse it and publish the same after studying the lives of women who are challenged by the social morality.

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