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Animal Birth Control Designated Block Management Unit of Kudumbashree (ABCD BMU-KUDUMBASHREE)

ln concurrence with the Government circular no' 4515L/RC3/2014/LSGD dated 27/8/2016 and as per decisions in the conference of District collectors under the chairmanship of Hon. chief Minister of Kerala on 22/9/2016 the Guidelines and standard operating Procedures were issued for formation of Animal Birth Control Designated Block Management Units of Kudumbashree.

District collectors and Jilla panchayaths leads the campaign of ABC program for stray Dog Control Measures and the District Mission coordinators, Kudumbashree will be responsible for the formation and management of ABCD-BMU of Kudumbashree.

Panchayath wise Database on vulnerable geographic areas and wards /ADS for urgent intervention should be provided by the respective Local body to the DMC.

Responsibility of ABCD BMU of Kudumbashree Mission shall include management and support to the ABC Program of the Local bodies under respective Block area. lt shall include capturing or hired capturing of stray dogs from identified area, transportation of dogs captured to the identified institution for A B C program, required pre and post operative care for the animals and safe release of the animals back as per law.

ABCD Weekly Report
Kudumbashree ABCD MU training Status as on 29/12/2016
Kudumbashree ABCD MU training Status as on 13/12/2016
Stray Dog Control Weekly Status Report as on 29th Nov 2016
ABCD MU Trainings Weekly report as on 5 DEC 2016
ABCP Status as on 9th Sep 2016
ABCD Report November 15 to 22

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