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Urban Kerala consists of 5 Corporations and 53 Municipalities who together constitute about 20% of the total population of the State.The Kudumbashree network in the urban areas consists of about 14,000 neighborhood groups (NHG) federated under 1,494 Area Development Societies (ADS) and 61 Community Development Societies (CDS). 3.60 lakh families are members of the network in the urban areas whose thrift collections have exceeded Rs.69.30 crores. In the specific context of urban poverty in Kerala, the work of Kudumbashree focuses the following aspects:

  • Building strong community organizations of poor women to enable them to assert their rights and gain entitlements.
  • Enable women's organizations to mediate between the poor and local governance structures.

The Kudumbashree Mission evolved from the Urban Basic Services for the Poor (UBSP) project implemented in Alappuzha Municipality in 1992. What started as an urban initiative grew to cover the entire State of Kerala.

Intervention Priorities
1. Strengthening the organisation to enable it to distinguish and correlate its roles as
a. agency for delivery of centrally sponsored programmes and
b. independent community network.
2. Focus of enhancing microfinance and bank linkage.
3. Co-ordinate Asraya Projects.
4. Develop and support balasabhas.
5. Facilitate cluster development committees to monitor social infrastructure projects.
6. Provide a support structure for social housing.
7. Co-ordinate local marketing options for Kudumbashree entrepreneurs.
8. Take up the various programmes and special projects conceived by the mission, municipality, or CDS.

Urban Programme Review Minutes

Minutes of the meeting held on 16-Sep-2016 at State Poverty Eradication Head Office on Urban Projects (RAY, BSUP, NSDP, IHSDP, VAMBAY, SJSRY, PMAY, ISHUP, DAY-NULM)

Urban Programme Review Minutes 16-07-2016
Annexure 1
Annexure 2
Annexure 3 to 8.11
Urban Housing Mission