Yuvajana Vibhava Kendram
A Center for the development of the youths especially Skill development, Personality Development,
Attapady Special Project 2018-2019
xclusive Adivasi Women’s Collectives for Regenerating Agriculture for Food and Nutritional Security, Economic Sustainability and Self-Reliance. The project aims to uplift the social and economic status of Irula, Muduga and Kurumba tribal communities of Attappady. Sustainable livelihoods like agriculture and allied activities need to be developed where the community can be self-reliant and self sufficient in food. Women’s institutions would be built up for total financial inclusion leading towards poverty alleviation and social development. Awareness generation would be enhanced on all issues for the communities to be able to access all entitlements and schemes. The institutions would enable women to access credit, engage in sustainable livelihoods, build up entrepreneurship, marketing and negotiation capacities and capacity to assert their agency in all realms from the domestic front to the various forums like the area of work, Panchayat and various department
Funds to The Community-Attappady Special Project
The project is supported by both Center and State Govt.Major Funds to the communities are Vulnerability Reduction Fund, Community Investment Fund, Livelihood funds, Producer Funds etc
Livelihood Funds-Attappady Special Project
Mainly Agriculture,RME,produer mills ,vegetable produce canteen and more
CBO Meeting-Attappady Special Project
weekly and monthly meeting of every CBO's Viz,NHG,Panchayath samithi,Block samithy,oorusamithy
Skill Training-Attappady Special Project
Skill training is an important component of the project.Many tribal youths received the skill training as part of DDUGKY programme
Audit - Kudumbashree Attappady Special Project
General auditing and social audit of various programmes .
Bridge School-Attappady Special Project
Supplementary tuition in 136 hamlets and ensure breakfast, life skill, and capacity building activities.Its not like tuition center and its center of overall development of the child
Center Of Excellence-Attappady Special Project
A training center and demonstration site fully owned and managed by the tribal community - 9 centers.All trainers representing the tribal community [ IB and CB- 16, Social development -24, health -18, education -22., agriculture- 8] Provide thematically training for NHG leaders, animators etc…
MIS-2018-Attappady Special Project
Sholayoor, Agaly, Pudhur, Pudhur Kurumba
Livelihoods-Attappady Special Project
Mainly Agriculture, Animal husbandry, NTFP and Skilled Jobs.Producer Mill, Ethnic cafe, Goat Village, Vegetable shops, Etc are part of the program
Administration-Attappady Special Project
Day to day office administration Travel, vehicle hire, various aids
Social Development-Attappady Special Project
Nyayasamithi for resolving issues at Oorulevel, and Nutritional EducationCenter improving the status of the community
Balavibhava Kendram-Attappady Special Project
a program for the development of the children 0-18. especially educational, cultural, personal development etc