Gender Development 2018-19
Gender programmes of Kudumbashree aims to create awareness about the rights, status and justice of women by themselves through the discussions of their experiences, identify their role in the local development process, and equip women to recognize about their rights, inequalities and violence against them. It has been creating an understanding of violation of human rights of women for nearly a decade. The program attempted to create awareness among the women as well as sensitized the society around. Through Gender Self Learning Programme, Kudumbashree seeks to generate public discourse and political debate regarding the important relationship between sexuality, gender, and human rights. In particular, we will work to raise the visibility of these issues—as well as amplify the voices of women. Gender team will expand our programmes in the coming years, especially those related to violence prevention and intervention. Kudumbashree had undertaken many small steps to come closer to our aim of creating a gender just society through GSLP, Gender Corner, Crime mapping and related activities and through Snehitha interventions. Also a process of identify the vulnerability in the neighborhood area. Address poverty in multiple dimensions and also prevent atrocities against women and children through convergence, Action group formation and by availing Government services to the community.
Vulnerability Mapping - Gender 2018-2019
Map the locality to identify the prevailing vulnerabilities which are leading the community in to vulnerable situations. It will be reflect in different forms and leading the people to poverty or to any hazard or shocking situation. Vulnerability Mapping is not only a tool to develop the action plan but it capacitates the people to identify their vulnerability and help them to find out the opportunities. It is not constant and it can be changed through the empowerment of community to take the effort by themselves to address their vulnerability. It is a collective action to identify and address the existing vulnerabilities in their own community. The way women experiencing vulnerability is different from men due to social construction and gender differentiation.
Theme based Programme - Gender 2018-2019
Kudumbashree arranged an art camp in collaboration with Kochi Muziriz Biennale for the selected 42 women from the community who are interested in different art forms Kudumbashree arranged an opportunity to participate 42 women in Kerala Literature Fest conducted by DC Books at Kozhikode. This was an inspirational and familiarization process which leads to next level of literature camp in March To increase the mobility of women, make more exposure opportunities and to know the surrounding Kudumbashree arranged Yathra for women
Community Counselling Programme - Gender 2018-2019
320 Counseling Educators were selected from all the 14 Districts. And given training based on a module developed by the counseling experts. As primary initiative Kudumbashree conducted a counseling day at the grass root level with support of LSGIs. Now these 320 counselors were working as the community counselors of Kudumbashree and collaborate with Gender Corner and Snehitha Gender Help Desk.
Rangasree - Gender
Rangasree is a program to train selected women from Kudumbasree in Theatre with the aim of establishing community theatres in every CDS of the State. It also aims to disseminate the messages of social justice, equality, sustainable development etc. Women belonging to Neighborhood groups, who have talents got training and the aspire is to form local cultural organization. As a pilot this is implemented in three region Northern (Kozhikode/ Kannur & Malappuram), Southern (Kollam and Pathanamthitta) and Central region (Ernakulam).
Snehitha - Gender Help Desk 2018-2019
The main aim of the centre is to provide help and support to those women and children who were in distress for a short duration of time and facilitating the women in distress to access the service of other institutional agencies to address the issues. The Help Desk initiated by Kudumbashree Mission is working on the principle of convergence, which is followed by a close interface and collaboration with the registered service providers of the state
Anti Human Trafficking Programme - Gender
Anti Human Trafficking project is an initiative of Kudumbashree which carried out preventive and rehabilitative interventions. The project was initiated as a pilot in selected 3 blocks namely Devikulam, Chittur and Mananthavady of Idukki, Palakkad and Wayanad respectively. The project aims to bring down and contain human trafficking in the selected blocks
Avishkara- Literatre Art and Drama Festival
As a part of thegender programmes of Kudumbashree State level thematic programs of literature; Art; Drama fest - Aavishkara- has been conducted at Kozhikode from 18th to 20th August 2017. It was a convergence program with Kerala sahitya academy, Kerala lalithakala academy and Kerala sangeetha nadaka academy. Selected Kudumbashree members from all the districts participated in the three different camps of literature, Drama and Drawing/ Painting.
Monitoring status details of Main Programmes and events under Gender Development Programmes