Monitoring tables of Micro Enterprises- Construction, Coir. Haritha Karma Sena, CFC... are listed under this campaign.
Micro Enterprises
Micro Enterprise promotion and development is one of the significant strategies of Kudumbashree Mission to facilitate economic empowerment of the poor. The Mission developed specific strategies analyzing the requirements of enterprises. This constitutes trainings, partial financial support marketing support and hand holding support to the enterprises. These kinds of supports are applicable for both existing micro enterprises and new ones. The Mission gives priority on the concept of Local Economic Development (LED) – local production, catering to local consumption to increase the economic activity within the local areas for micro enterprise development. In order to facilitate this concept we ensure the involvement of the community and LSGs to analyze the market demand and the development of products and services accordingly.
Haritha Karma sena is a professional team consisting of Green Technicians and Green Supervisors mainly Kudumbashree Women who will be assigned with the responsibility of collection, transportation, processing, recycling / disposal, and management of waste materials in association with respective LSGs and Suchithwa Mission. Haritha Sahaya Sthapanams, the accredited agencies of Haritha Kerala Mission which will provide technical assistance to the Haritha Karma Sena.
Coir Defibering Units
Coir Industry is an important agro based employment oriented traditional cottage industry in India. Coir industry enjoys the status as the largest cottage industry in the state of Kerala giving employment to over a million of people. Coir is widely used for making various products such as floor mats, Outdoor mats, Cordage , ropes, aquarium filters etc. The main objectives is to start Coir Defibering units in association with Kerala Coir Machine Manufacturing Company in all potential Panchayats of Kerala. The end product will be bought back by Coir Fed.
Common Facility Center
Common Facility Centers are formed with the objective to support the sustainability and growth of micro enterprises by addressing common issues such as improvement of technology, skills and quality, market access, access to capital etc. Common Facility Centers will be established under the CFC guidelines issued by Kudumbashree. Common Facility Centers will be established in selected districts in Apparel, Curry Powder and Cement Bricks Manufacturing Sectors. Funds in tune of Rs 50 lakhs are given for Machinery Purchase, Infrastructure Improvement, Capacity Building , Professional support , Branding and Marketing.
Kudumbashree Construction Team
In India construction industry is the second largest and a fast growing sector and incidentally Kerala having its huge potential in the sector. Though role of women account for half (51%) of the total construction labour force, women are almost exclusively unskilled, casual manual laborers: carrying bricks ,cement, sand, and water, digging earth, mixing cement, breaking stones, and women are rarely found in male-dominated skilled trades: carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical wiring etc. Training on construction activity for kudumbashree members aims to provide skill training for various trades in the construction industry for enhancing the skill of the women in construction related activities such that a sustainable income is generated and eventually these trained women members will be grouped into All Women Community Construction Contractors based at block level and Urban Local Body level in the state.
Many products of Kudumbashree Micro Enterprises are well appreciated by the market. However there is a missing link between the Source of Production and Consumers. The Monthly, Seasonal and Festival Fares being held at Panchayath, District and State levels draw large crowds. Consumers are eager to have supply of many products round the year. The aim of ‘Marketing & Business Development’ is to ensure availability of Kudumbashree Products to customers anytime during the year and to facilitate the Micro Enterprises to benefit from the steady demand throughout the year. Kudumbashree Micro Enterprises will be facilitated to upscale their products and to explore new bigger markets through appropriate channels. It is expected that Monthly Markets, Trade Fairs/Food Fests, Kudumbashree Bazars, Design Clinics, Community Enterprise Funds will strengthen the products and value-chains of microenterprises to bring more economic value to the products.
ME-2018 Collectives and Producer Companies
Kudumbashree was working to strengthen the livelihood and economic empowerment of women since Inception. Economic empowerment and poverty alleviation are crucial for the empowerment of Women. In order to help women in its network to increase income, Kudumbashree has focused on Micro Enterprises. Later in 2007 the concept of Samagra was introduced with the objective of achieving scale in enterprise activities, bringing more technical facilitation based on local resources, convergence of funds and functions, more women are oriented towards taking up these value chain projects. Similar enterprises have similar needs and similar problems. In 2011 the micro enterprises are encouraged to form Consortiums under Charitable Societies Act. At this juncture Nutrimix, IT, and Cashew entrepreneurs formed collectives in the form of Societies. The concept of Collective was introduced in order to bring more attention to formation of collective and bringing sustainability to the enterprises. The approach under collectives is to capacitate the entrepreneurs to take up sustainable livelihoods under their leadership. Members in Farm activities are encouraged to form Producer Companies and Enterprises in Non farm sector are facilitated to form Consortiums.