Organization Strengthening Programmes
Kudumbashree is engaged in the implementation of various poverty eradication programmes and of socio-economic, developmental programmes of LSGs and Government departments through the community network. It is therefore necessary to augment and improve the skills and knowledge of Kudumbashree net work leaders, office bearers, elected representatives, entrepreneurs, line department officials, resource persons etc. for a better social engineering and development process. For making the network system more vibrant and cohesive, special capacitation programmes and campaign drives have to be conducted from time to time depending on the specific requirement of the circumstances. Organizational strengthening programs enhance the quality and functioning of the Kudumbashree network.
Strengthening of Kudumbashree Special NHGs
Kudumbashree Mission formed special NHGs comprising vulnerable sections like senior citizens (elderly), differently-abled and Transgender as members through a process of local mobilization for poverty eradication. Through the special NHGs, Kudumbashree will help them for their sustainable livelihood, rehabilitation and integration into society and their participation in the mainstream developmental process. Capacitation training and financial assistance (Corpus Fund) are planned for special NHGs in financial year 2017-2018.
Strengthening of Coastal CDSs & NHGs
As part of capacitation of Coastal NHGs, Kudumbashree will provide Revolving Fund (RF) to 2,000 Coastal NHGs at the rate of Rs. 15,000 as corpus to meet the members’ credit needs directly and as catalytic capital for leveraging repeat bank finance. It is also decided to form a Community Theatre (Kalajatha) for Coastal CDSs. The Selection of special Coastal Volunteers is also planned in this financial year.
Year of NHGs Campaign 2018-2019
2018-19 will be observed as ‘Year of NHGs’ by Kudumbashree as 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Kudumbashree. This campaign is designed with an aim to strengthen the community network. As a part of the campaign, various activities like inclusion drive, digitalization of NHGs in ADS, use of modern monitoring and communication tools like mobile applications, subscription of Kudumbashree magazine, development of ADS as a resource centre, strengthening and validation of Kudumbashree MIS, training in book keeping and accounting, NHG gradation, preparation of NHG micro plan and CDS action plan will be undertaken.
Kudumbashree CBO Election 2017-2018
Bringing transparency and accountability in the Community Based Organization is utmost important. For this Kudumbashree Mission has a systematic election procedure for the selection of office bearers in NHG, ADS and CDS level. This procedure in turn contribute in developing democratic values and skills among the community which will be an asset for the better functioning of the local government bodies. The three tier Kudumbashree general election processes, conducted once in three years, the next Kudumbashree election should be completed by the month of December and January. The new governing bodies would take over charges from 26th January 2018.
Kudumbashree School 2017
A training programme to create awareness among the Kudumbashree NHG members about their social responsibilities and improve their standard of living through knowledge. Under the programme over 43 lakh Kudumbashree NHG members would be given training on various subjects. The classes will be conducted for a period of 6 weeks where each NHG member should spend 2 hours weekly. There will be a master trainer at the CDS level and 6 trainers at ADS level who will facilitate classes at ward level.
CDS Action Plan 2017-2018
Kudumbashree CDS has to prepare and implement a 'CDS Action Plan'. This is a demand plan, consolidating the status of interventions in the areas of microfinance, entrepreneurship, agriculture, social development activities etc. and indicating quantum of need in each of these areas. The CDS Action plan is to be integrated with the development plans of the local self governments.