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Collective Farming




(Activities include identification of available land, selection of beneficiaries, clustering them into groups, giving training, distribution of inputs and release of incentives. The land identified may be government land lying fallow, or private land taken up for cultivation.
Two types of incentives viz., area and production are given by Kudumbashree to women beneficiaries belonging to NHGs doing lease land farming. Area incentive is given for bringing the fallow land under cultivation and production incentive is for achieving the inherent productivity of the crop selected for cultivation.)


   Joint liability groups of women farmers


   Joint liability groups of women farmers are formed under the collective farming initiative to help women cultivators access agricultural credit from the banking system. These JLGs are structured along NABARD guidelines, and open bank accounts in the name of the JLG.
JLGs are brought under the purview of Interest subsidy scheme of Kudumbashree(ISS). They become eligible for ISS when they avail agricultural loan from banks. 5% subsidy on 7% interest agricultural loan is provided by state government of Kerala through Kudumbashree.

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Group Farming Guideline