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Micro Finance

Micro Finance (MF) is the most grassroots level activity of Kudumbashree, the binding force of the NHG. Each NHG has operational flexibility in respect of its MF operations, within a broad framework. The various activities taken up by Kudumbashree under MF are:

1. Thrift and credit operations.
2. Linkage Banking.
3. Matching Grant.
4. Interest Subsidy for Linkage Loans (new scheme).
6. Digitization of MIS and repayment Info System (new scheme).

Kudumbashree has positioned accountants in each CDS to keep track of the multifarious MF Activities of the CDS. Very often, in addition to the activities listed above, the CDS might have taken on need based MF products, on their own (such as cooking gas loans). The activities of the CDS are subject to review and facilitation in the Evaluation Committee at LSG level.