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Home Shops


In Thrissur, the community marketing network took on a new form. Early experiments of having a young group of market agents who would procure and sell exclusively within the Kudumbashree network, through the CDS changed gear and started dealing with local producers facilitated by the marketing group to come out with household articles like soap powder, detergents etc., which were given a local brand name and distributed through a ‘home shop’ network of part time distributors. The managers of the home shop are women of the network who spare a couple of shelves in their home to stock these local products, and spend a couple of hours a day meeting NHG members and individuals to sell their ware. It is a part time, stress free, supplementary income providing job for the home shop distributors. For the producers, the head ache of marketing has been smoothly tied over, and fairly steady returns are coming in, and for the marketing cum procurement group, it is a socially rewarding economically viable service enterprise.